This past Tuesday, Michelle and I made a day trip up to Vancouver, BC. We saw a black squirrel, ate some plants, and warmed our hands. It was fun.

I was going through some old photographs with my mom, and it’s really interesting how old age is like adolescence. Except backwards. While my cousin and I “grew up” considerably over the past few years, my grandparents have gotten noticeably older. And of course, old age can resemble childhood, in the sense that the elderly often need to be cared for in ways similar to children.

On a slightly less depressing note, this is what the Lions Gate Bridge (connecting downtown Vancouver with North & West Vancouver) looked like in 2005.

The Lion's Gate Bridge in 2005

And a beautiful song by Kate Havnevik:

se meg
som jeg er
ta det som kommer
viser meg
hvor jeg er
hvor jeg skal
og hvem du er