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This past Tuesday, Michelle and I made a day trip up to Vancouver, BC. We saw a black squirrel, ate some plants, and warmed our hands. It was fun.

I was going through some old photographs with my mom, and it’s really interesting how old age is like adolescence. Except backwards. While my cousin and I “grew up” considerably over the past few years, my grandparents have gotten noticeably older. And of course, old age can resemble childhood, in the sense that the elderly often need to be cared for in ways similar to children.

On a slightly less depressing note, this is what the Lions Gate Bridge (connecting downtown Vancouver with North & West Vancouver) looked like in 2005.

The Lion's Gate Bridge in 2005

And a beautiful song by Kate Havnevik:

se meg
som jeg er
ta det som kommer
viser meg
hvor jeg er
hvor jeg skal
og hvem du er


hocus focus

arm is moved
hat is different
leaf is missing
foot is moved
skirt is shorter
sleeve is shorter
summer is shorter
temper is shorter
something is different
heart on sleeve is missing
heart fell off shorter sleeve
chest is different
chest is emptier
smile is smaller
hand is missing
john is patrick
hot is colder
time is longer
life is shorter
young is older
you are missing
you are moved
i am not
everything is different

by Rebecca Hoogs (rendered as faithfully as possible from a recording)

this makes no sense

A seagull nearly landed right on me today. I’ve no idea why.

what riders taught me

The other day I was reading a book on the bus, the first chapter of which features the town of Bethel, Alaska. I happened to be reading that particular part when a lady came to be seated next to me. Remarkably, it turned out that she had been a resident of said town, which has a population somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000. We talked briefly about rural medicine and cultural encounters. They were in Seattle because her young daughter required surgery.

It was amazing.

Northwest Profile #76

So make mine a triple venti grande americano chai vanilla minty mochaccino caramel macchiato; half caf, half decaf, one Equal, one Sweet ‘n Low, one raw sugar; skinny organic extra virgin olive oil soy breve with no foam, extra whip extra hot; and oh yes, leave off the top so I can put on my own sprinkles.